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The following are studies about the Tribulation Period.
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The Biblical and Scientific Studies on these pages are from:

Pastor Tom McElmurry,

at Dardanelle Missionary Baptist Church, Dardanelle, Arkansas, USA.

His Website is: www.TribulationPeriod.com

I have simply copied them to this Website to expand these studies to enrich the Spiritual Life of people who have an interest in these Biblical topics.

A few of these studies are from my personal research, nevertheless, hopefully, they will help you understand what the "Great Tribulation Period" is really about and will become aware of the events as they begin to occur.

1st Trumpet and 1st Vial

2nd Trumpet and 2nd Vial

3rd Trumpet and 3rd Vial

4th Trumpet and 4th Vial

5th Trumpet and 5th Vial

6th Trumpet and 6th Vial

7th Trumpet and 7th Vial

70 Weeks of Years

7th Trumpet Rapture

A Video: Fire and Brimstone

Advent of Jesus Christ

Age of the Gentiles

Ancient of Days


Earthquakes in the Bible

Flood and Fire

Great Tribulation Period

In the Clouds

In the Days of Peleg

Lightning Fire

Nation Against Nation

Old Testament Scriptures

The Future Destruction of Rome, Italy

The 144,000

The Beginning and the End

The First Revelation Woe

The Second Revelation Woe #02

The Rapture of the Saved

The Sea and the Waves Roaring

The Second Coming of the Lord